Data Deletion Instruction

We would be sad to see you go, but we also understand that there are times when you want to be more than removed from a list - you want your name and information deleted completely from a system.

If you want to opt out of receiving mailings, click here and we can unsubscribe you from our lists. This will keep you name in our database, but tagged as "DO NOT MAIL" so we don't send more information to you. PLEASE PUT "DO NOT MAIL" IN THE SUBJECT LINE OF THE EMAIL.

If you would rather us completely remove you from our list, click here and you will come off our system completely. [PLEASE PUT "REMOVE COMPLETELY" IN THE SUBJECT LINE.] Know, however, that there is a slight risk that you would receive mail again if for some reason you or someone else signs you up on the list again. While we keep a list of names and addresses that wish to be removed in a separate place from our database, not having you in the database as a "DO NOT MAIL" always leaves the risk of inadvertently having you re-enlisted into our system since we do not regularly, manually, check against the separately list when anyone signs up.

While we get to both of these as soon as possible, please leave us two to four weeks to complete either process.

Thanks for understanding.

Best wishes,

Matt Hugg Online Nonprofit Courses

Matt Hugg, President & Founder, Nonprofit.Courses