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Delight your Donors with Better Communication (And Spend Less Time Doing it)

This PREMIUM course brought to you by Nonprofit Academy

When donors give to your nonprofit organization, they expect to hear from you. The good news is, there are more ways for you to reach them than ever before: direct mail and email, your website, your blog, social media and traditional media. But who has time to create new content for all these platforms? Wouldn’t it be great if you could take just one good idea and turn it into ten ways of informing and delighting your donors? Well, you can!

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Attend this webinar to learn how to build stronger relationships with your donors by communicating more often and spending less time doing it. You will learn:

  • What your donors really want to hear
  • How to create a message your donors will be glad to read
  • How to use one great idea on your blog, on social media, in print, and on video
  • Why your donors will thank you