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Designing Your Donation Processes to Retain More Donors

This PREMIUM course brought to you by Nonprofit Academy

Donor retention has been a major talking point in the nonprofit industry for years. On average, nonprofits are losing more than half their donors every year. Brilliant minds and tons of research have gone into crafting donor retention best practices, covering everything from impact reports to donor-centric storytelling and beyond. But few are exploring how the donation process and automated follow-ups help boost donor retention rates. That’s about to change!

Chris Morata of Qgiv, Inc. breaks down how nonprofits can tailor their donation processes to improve donor retention. In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Design elements that can make or break your donors’ likelihood of making future gifts
  • How the donation form can set the tone for an ongoing relationship with donors
  • Elements you can include on your donation confirmation pages that boost engagement
  • Strategies to build donation receipts that will delight your donors
  • Insights on how data and messaging can affect donor retention
  • And more!

Your online donation form is the starting point of many donors’ relationships with you. Learn how to make the most of it!