Developing Inclusive and Innovative Campaigns | Alexandra Ryan | NIO Summit Award Winner, by NextAfter

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We selected Movember Foundation for a 2019 NIO Award, and Alexandra Ryan, the Global Lead of Fundraising Products at Movember, sat down with us to share some unique things they did to grow their digital fundraising. The Movember Foundation is the world’s largest men’s health charity with a mission to change the face of men’s health. They invest in men’s health through the cause areas of prostate and testicular cancer, mental health, and suicide prevention.

You may recognize this organization from their famous “No Shave November” campaign. Back in 2003 in Melbourne, two guys were chatting in a pub about how out of fashion mustaches had become. They wanted to raise money for the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia, and had the idea to grow mustaches in November. About 30 people joined them. It was widely successful, and they were the largest donors to the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia at that time.

The idea grew, and 15 years later the Movember Foundation has had over 6 million “mo-bros” and “mo-sisters” raise money for the foundation. Last year they tipped over $1 billion raised for men’s health.

NextAfter selected one of Movember’s campaigns to receive a NIO Award because they took a risk to launch a new fundraising initiative, and when it wasn’t working, they changed course and made adjustments until they saw growth.

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