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Diverse Board Recruiting Unlocked with Dr Joynicole Martinez – Boardable

Diverse Board Recruiting Unlocked with Dr Joynicole Martinez – Boardable is FREE courtesy of Boardable

1 Lesson / 53 Minutes / FREE

In this webinar, “Diverse Board Recruiting Unlocked”, Boardable’s Caroline Hoy explores the topic of board diversity with Dr. Joynicole Martinez. Dr. Martinez’s extensive background includes board membership on multiple nonprofits, work with Hispanic veterans, and consulting nonprofits on strengthening diversity.

Some of the topics we will cover in the webinar include:

– The definition of good board diversity in all its many forms
– How boards become too homogenous
– What to do to increase diversity in the board recruitment funnel
– Best practices for maintaining a healthy board

This is an information-packed hour of thoughtful discussion and actionable advice on how to handle board diversity recruitment. This webinar took place on January 24, 2019.

About Dr. Joynicole Martinez: Dr. Joynicole Martinez has worked with nonprofits for over 20 years. She has a doctorate in Health Sciences and has worked to advance the equality of housing and educational opportunities for people of all backgrounds and income levels, with an emphasis on public health outcomes. She is currently the CEO of Alchemist Agency, a nonprofit and business consultancy. Dr. Martinez serves on several boards, including The Franklin Foundation for Innovation, Association of Nonprofit Specialists INC, All Ladies League, and Wisdom to BELIEVE Foundation. Her passion is “where wealth, philanthropy, wellness, and shelter intersect.”

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