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Engagement isn’t Enough: The 5 Shifts that Skyrocket Participation, by Keela

Engagement isn’t Enough: The 5 Shifts that Skyrocket Participation is FREE courtesy of Keela

Learn 5 strategic shifts that are critical for a thriving organization.

Beth Brodovsky,  President at Iris Creative Group, Inc.

Does attracting (and retaining) supporters seem harder and more expensive than ever? It’s easy to get excited about likes, shares, and open rates — but are you creating the kind of connection that converts fans to supporters?

Without the right focus, it’s easy to attract a database full of the wrong people who hang around without ever joining, donating or attending your programs.

As the president of Iris Creative Group Inc., Beth Brodovsky works with nonprofit leaders to inspire participation. For more than 20 years, Beth and her team have developed brand communications and education programs to help nonprofits market like a pro. She hosts the Driving Participation Podcast and speaks on nonprofit marketing nationally.

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