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Engaging Your Nonprofit Board of Directors, by Funding for Good

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This video is part 2 on Ways to Maintain Momentum and Engage Your Board from a distance. Now that you have connected (Part 1) with your board members it is time to engage the board. This can be tricky with remote Board Members and various video chat and virtual meeting software. Sometimes remote board members will multi-task and not pay as much attention you would like.

Once the board is meeting virtually, how do you keep them actively engaged? Perhaps the Nonprofit Staff as well as the board complete an assessment to determine critical needs and top issues. This leads to a collection of these ideas and a clustering exercise where you compare how many people have the same idea. That’s a good way to prioritize the Nonprofit Board’s ideas and priorities.

There are various online meeting/project management tools you can use. You can create “virtual” white boards and sticky notes with remote Board Members. Or, just share in the chat feature or verbally with someone making documentation to be emailed later.

The Board doesn’t need to know everything. Some tasks are handles by the Nonprofit staff and should not involve Board members. Some things are Board worthy and should be communicated. It’s good for the Board to have the key talking points so at a high level everyone is on the same page. A Board member should know key things as an ambassador for the nonprofit.

It’s important to know what tool you Board Members need to act. They may need a letter crafted on the Nonprofit letterhead to solicit a sponsorship for example. It’s also important to have something like a sign-up sheet so the members have a public record of their commitment and a reference point to keep things moving as deadlines approach.

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