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Engaging Your Team in the Brainstorming Process, by Funding for Good

Engaging Your Team in the Brainstorming Process is FREE courtesy of Funding for Good

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A nonprofit should be engaging your team in the brainstorming process.The strategic planning process has lots of different steps and brainstorming is key. How do you go into a strategic planning retreat or draft a strategic plan unless you know the ideas that you want to center your goals around? A few clear ways to do that involve bringing the team together and having an organic brainstorming session. Strategic goals should include brainstorming where the staff and board see the nonprofit in 3-5 years. Strategic objectives should be specific. Some brainstorming involves letting individual people write sown their own strategic ideas. You can then collect the various individual brainstorming lists and see where there is common ground and overlap. This way, people are under no pressure to brainstorm openly at first. Brainstorming can also be in small groups of mixed staff and board members so help facilitate strategic ideas. Common ideas should be prioritized for your strategic planning process. Remember, ask open-ended questions to the group to generate the responses and the types of conversations that would be helpful to the nonprofit organization. The strategic planning process and brainstorming are critical in planning for the success of your nonprofit.

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