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Enterprise Blockchains Templates

In this 101 Blockchains collection, you will find actionable templates that will help you identify which parts of an enterprise’s current IT architectures would benefit most from integrating blockchain-based applications. 

The templates will also assist you in choosing the best implementation strategy possible.

  • Template – 1:  Do You Need Blockchain? This actionable tool presents the user with a list of items that represent the typical selection criteria of a blockchain solution.
  • Template – 2: Blockchain Project Readiness: This actionable tool is based on the user’s self-assessment regarding preparations and key actions required to complete the task of Identifying the underlying business issues.
  • Template – 3:  Presenting an Enterprise Blockchain Project: This actionable template enables you to make an effective presentation by outlining key points that an enterprise decision-maker has to know to consider your proposed solution.
  • Template – 4: Mapping Enterprise Blockchain vs. Supply Chain Business Processes: This Enterprise Blockchains Actionable Tool provides you the practical guidance to assess which processes of a supply chain are best candidates for an enterprise blockchain-based implementation project.

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