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Building Your Hero’s Journey 3-Day Challenge

On Your Computer, Phone or Tablet

In this unique 3-Day Challenge... Here are just a few of the many things we will be discussing: The role storytelling plays in building credibility and brand awareness How to portray the hero from the customer’s point of view How to build a storyline that engages and converts

What Companies Want: Secrets to Securing In-Kind Donations for Fundraising Events w/ Renee Zau

On Your Computer, Phone or Tablet

Want to know how to stay on the "good" list? Struggling to pick the questions you should answer when asking for a donation? ​In this 1 hour special workshop hosted by Instrumentl, you’ll be able to know what sways company decision-makers when reviewing donation requests. ​By the end of this one-hour workshop with Renee Zau, […]

Effective Management of Off-Site Employees

On Your Computer, Phone or Tablet

Learn how to properly manage off-site employees and avoid legal pitfalls.   Telecommuting saves employees the time and expense associated with traditional commuting, and it can allow employers to spend less on office space and sell the possibility of a virtual workplace to prospective employees. However, the virtual workplace creates real-world issues. Many of those […]


Creating webinars that sell your consulting services

On Your Computer, Phone or Tablet

Are you stuck at a certain level with your consulting income? Do you want a quick easy way to get more consulting clients? Let's talk about how to level up your consulting with webinars. If you want to get more clients, speaking gigs can help you. In this BRAND NEW webinar, I'll reveal secrets I've […]

Balance of Power: The ED and Board Chair

On Your Computer, Phone or Tablet

Is there a disconnect between your board and staff? Do you struggle to get things done without stepping on toes or finger-pointing? If you are ready to take your organization to the next level, join FFG to define and develop the most essential leadership duo in the nonprofit sector- the board chair and executive director. […]


Governmental Accounting and Auditing Update: GAAP Quick Hits

On Your Computer, Phone or Tablet

States and Local Governments that have a fiscal year end of June 30, 2022 will have many GAAP issues to consider, in addition to GASB-87, Leases. Hear some of the other standards and issues that may impact your annual financial report including GASB-98, GAAP accounting for federal grants and a preview of implementations next year beyond […]


Mind, Body, Soul Synergy

On Your Computer, Phone or Tablet

All of her life, Margi Helschien has embraced the synergy between mind, body and soul. She studied at Salisbury University, London School of Economics, and Harvard University. She was a competitive gymnast, owned and operated a gymnastics school and teaches yoga. She continues to be fanatically committed to daily exercise and following sensible diet and nutrition […]

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