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Success for the Seasoned Search – The Benefit of Being Overqualified

On Your Computer, Phone or Tablet

Many seasoned job seekers find themselves being called "overqualified" because they have more years of experience than the job description calls for. Learn powerful strategies to overcome your interviewer's misconceptions […]

Understanding Quality of Earning Reports

On Your Computer, Phone or Tablet

Gain a better understanding of what a quality of earnings report means and who needs one.   This course will provide you with an understanding of the process of conducting […]


Rules and Responsibilities Regarding Abandoned Wages

On Your Computer, Phone or Tablet

Examine the rules and responsibilities regarding abandoned wages.   If your payroll department is not handling unclaimed wages properly, you could be placing your company at risk for huge audit […]


Manager’s Guide to FMLA

On Your Computer, Phone or Tablet

Ensure compliance throughout your organization by fully understanding FMLA requirements.   The federal Family Medical Leave Act has been in effect for 25 years, and it still is one of […]


Change the Channel! Building a Multi-Channel Fundraising Campaign

On Your Computer, Phone or Tablet

This info-packed session explores how nonprofits can think through the different stages of planning a marketing campaign and spreading the message across various channels. You’ll learn: How to audit which […]

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