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Family Violence: A Primer for Practitioners and Guardians Ad Litem, by Lorman

Family Violence: A Primer for Practitioners and Guardians Ad Litem is brought to you by Lorman

Successfully guide clients through family law matters.

Family violence, also called domestic violence, is prevalent in many households and increased during the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet this type of violence often goes undetected. Family law practitioners, guardians ad litem, and other professionals need to be prepared to recognize family violence situations and have the tools to address those situations. This topic will help you understand the cycle of violence and recognize signs and symptoms of such violence along with victim reluctance. You will learn to build a network of resources for emergency assistance, legal help, and long-term support. Gain an understanding of the criminal complaint process and attendant positive and negative implications. You will understand the protective order process and access to victim funds and recovery options. While this topic will utilize Virginia law-based examples, the information offers national appeal and application to the criminal, civil, protective order, and family law schemes made available in all states. The material will provide common-sense steps, tips for providing necessary support, and general practical advice.

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