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FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Nonprofit.Courses FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) page. Let’s get started…!

Is Nonprofit.Courses free?

Yes! There’s no sign up, membership or other “gateway” that limits access. You get direct access to the content you need.

Nonprofit.Courses offers free and premium paid content. We’re committed to making at least 50% of its content free at all times.

Is there any content I need to pay for?

Yes. Many of our Content Experts offer in depth expertise through our Premium Paid and Nonprofit.Courses Select! content. Find them here. You’ll also see a link to Premium Courses at the top of every page.

What kind of content do I find on Nonprofit.Courses?

Content you can use, of course! But to be more specific…

Videos – Because video is such a powerful learning tool, it’s Nonprofit.Courses’ medium of choice. You’ll find thousands on just about any nonprofit topic.

Podcasts – You’d be surprised (or maybe not?) at how many nonprofit focused podcasts are out there. You’ll find dozens of podcasts on the podcast page.

Documents – Need a checklist? Interested in an eBook or whitepaper on a topic? We have lots, especially in areas that are not covered by videos and podcasts.

Nonprofit Specific – Just about all of our content is specific to your needs and interests as a nonprofit leaders, staff member, board member or volunteer.

Nonprofit Helpful – Among the thousands of nonprofit specific videos and more, are hundreds of “nonprofit helpful” content items. What’s nonprofit helpful? For example, we have a great collection of videos on how to make presentations. They’re not “how to make a presentation in front of you board,” but they’re perfect to build the confidence of anyone in a nonprofit in making their next presentation, whether in front of their board, a staff meeting or a gathering of volunteers.

Who is Nonprofit.Courses for?

As a website with so much free content, don’t hesitate using Nonprofit.Courses as your go-to resource for nonprofit training and education… and recommend it to others.

Nonprofit Leaders and Staff: If you run a nonprofit, manage a program or manage an office, find yourself “on the line” by delivering mission services or just started working at a nonprofit, Nonprofit.Courses has information for you.

Nonprofit Board Members: Nonprofit.Courses has A LOT of material that’s specific for board members, or helpful in their getting to know the details of nonprofit operations and funding. Its also a great resource for staff to use for creating board training programs that feature expert voices from around the world.

Nonprofit Volunteers: Nonprofit.Courses is great for volunteers. The content can be used for formal volunteer training, or ad hoc education on an important subject. If you’re a volunteer and want to get the inside scoop on how nonprofits run, Nonprofit.Courses is for you.

Anyone interested in anything about nonprofits: Even if you’re not working for or volunteering for a nonprofit, there’s lots here for you. If there’s a nonprofit in your community, then there’s a video on Nonprofit.Courses that’s right for you.

There’s so much here! How do I find what I want?

We have lots of ways to find the exactly what you’re looking for, such as…

Using the top menu of each page with links to Premium Paid Content, Free Content, Deals, Live Events, Podcasts, and Content by Time & Type.

Putting a search term into our AI enabled search at the top of each page to search everything!

You can also go to our specialty search pages, and…

Search by subject:

Accounting and Finance
Boards and Governance
Consulting and Freelancing
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)
Fundraising – Major Gifts
Leadership and Management
Marketing and Communications
Nonprofit Helpful
Small and Start Up Nonprofits
Volunteer Management

Or Search by by Content Types:

Academic Courses
Continuing Education Units
Drip Email Series

Another way people like to find content is to peruse the Content Expert page.

How do I navigate around Nonprofit.Courses?

How can I use Nonprofit.Courses?

● Need information quick?
● Have some time over lunch?
● Want to learn about someone else’s work?
● Changing careers?
● Starting a career?
● Recommending some training?

It’s limitless!

Let us know how you use Nonprofit.Courses and maybe we’ll feature you in an upcoming New Course Alerts.

Where does the content come from?

Nonprofit.Courses content comes from more than 200 Content Experts who have in depth knowledge of a nonprofit related discipline, or a field that could be very helpful to your nonprofit. See all the Content Experts here.

How long are each videos?

We like to say that you can find a course that’s anywhere from “less than five minutes to more than five hours.” We index all our videos by their length. That’s why the “search by time” feature is one of our most popular ways to find content.

Can I get continuing education credit?

Yes! Much of the content on Nonprofit.Courses offers continuing education credits or hours, like CFRE or CPEs. You can find out which through the Continuing Education Units search page.

Does Nonprofit.Courses make its own content?

Sometimes Matt Hugg, President of Nonprofit.Courses and expert in nonprofit management, will create content to meet specific needs, but that makes up a very small percentage of the total material on the site. For Nonprofit.Courses created content, go here.

What’s a Track?

A Track is a collection of related content, usually on the same subject or around a theme, that work well when you watch them together. See all of the Tracks here.

May I contact Content Expert’s directly?

Yes, please do! Each Content Expert has a link to their own homepage on their Content Expert page. They welcome your interest in them. When you do – please let them know you found them through Nonprofit.Courses.

Can I refer a Content Expert to Nonprofit.Courses?

Yes! Either let us know about them, or have them contact us directly through our Contact Us page.

How do I find out more about becoming a Content Expert?

We’d love to talk. Pop us a note here and we can set up a time.

If I sign up for New Course Alerts, what do I get?

You get weekly emails letting you know about the latest content on Nonprofit.Courses (usually Thursdays), and another (usually Mondays) that brings you the next two week events from the Live Events Calendar.

Do you have social media pages?

Yes. We post daily on…

Nonprofit.Courses created content is on our YouTube channel.

What is the Live Events Calendar?

The Live Events Calendar is where Nonprofit.Courses Content Experts can post their webinars, seminars and courses that occur in real time. If you sign up for New Course Alerts, you get a list of all Live Events on the calendar that will occur in the next two weeks. You’ll also see a sampling of upcoming events on the homepage.

How do I get my event onto the Live Events Calendar?

Placement of events on the calendar are limited to Nonprofit.Courses Content Experts. A Content Expert may be a person, a company, a nonprofit or an association. To find out how to become a Content Expert, pop us a note.

Do you have podcasts on Nonprofit.Courses?

Yes! Nonprofit.Courses features more than 50 podcasts on nonprofits or that are helpful to nonprofits. That’s probably more than anyplace on the web but the podcast providers, like Spotify or iTunes. Find them here.

How do I tell my friends about this great resource?

Easy! Copy and send them this link:

How can I help Nonprofit.Courses grow?

Use it! Sign up for New Course Alerts! Recommend Nonprofit.Courses to your colleagues, friends and volunteers. Your using Nonprofit.Courses as your go-to resources for nonprofit education and training helps us attract advertisers and Content Experts – which helps you get even more and better content.

I’m starting a nonprofit, is there material for me?

Yes! (And congratulations!) While starting a nonprofit is daunting, you have a passion for impacting others. That means a lot to many of our Content Experts – many of whom have done the same. See their content created specifically for the unique needs of start-up nonprofits on the Small and Start Up Nonprofits search page.

We’re a small nonprofit. Can we find information for us on Nonprofit.Courses?

Yes! Just like start ups, being a small nonprofit has a lot of unique challenges – and a lot of our Content Experts have been there. Find all the content specific for small nonprofits, here.

I’m a career changer. I’m new to nonprofits. Can Nonprofit.Courses help me?

Yes, and welcome! We hope you’ll find your work with nonprofits meaningful and fulfilling. Check out everything we have on Nonprofit Careers.

How does Nonprofit.Courses make money?

Three ways…

Advertising. Nonprofit.Courses makes advertising space available to businesses and other organizations that want greater visibility with nonprofits. These may include service providers, educational institutions and more. If you’d like to learn more, drop us a note!

Course Affiliate Links. Affiliate links are when a course provider sends a payment to Nonprofit.Courses when you buy their content through Nonprofit.Courses. The price for the final product isn’t different than if you went to the content directly, and by going through Nonprofit.Courses, you support making great nonprofit training available to everyone! Have a course to sell. Let us know.

Amazon Book sales. you’ll notice that many Content Experts have written books. Nonprofit.Courses provides Amazon affiliate Links as a convenience to our learners, and also as a revenue generator for the site. Like Course Affiliate Links, there’s no additional cost to you by using the link – and were grateful for you support.

I have a question that’s not covered. How do I ask it?

For all the FAQs we can create, there’s probably one more question we missed. Have your own question to ask? We’re glad to hear from you. Use our Contact Us page. Who knows, maybe yours will end up on this FAQ page?

I don’t get New Course Alerts. How do I sign up?

Easy! just fill in the short form, below: