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Final Paychecks: How to Avoid Legal Risk With Accurate Calculation and Distribution, by Lorman

Better understand how to implement strategies that are compliant with federal and state wage payment regulations for final paychecks.

Employers face an often-treacherous landscape of legal and practical challenges related to final wage payments, ranging from complex and varied timing requirements to divergent rules about what amounts must be included or what (if any) deductions can be made. These problems are particularly acute for multi-state employers, who must navigate an overwhelming array of technical rules about how to pay departing employees. And the penalties for getting it wrong can be significant and costly, as final pay errors can result in legal liability, sometimes in the form of class or collective actions. This course will provide you with an overview of the legal requirements relating to final pay obligations, coupled with practical guidance about how to best calculate final wages in a timely manner. Explore common pitfalls relating to final pay – including issues concerning paid time off and vacation, bonuses and other incentive compensation, and deductions. In addition, the material will provide you with tools to help understand final pay requirements, and discuss best practices to avoid liability.

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