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Five Hacks to Weave Constituent Experience Into Your Nonprofit Organization (Video)

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Being an expert in user experience doesn’t mean that you’re an expert designer or programmer. User experience is about how constituents experience your nonprofit organization. Learn five user experience “hacks” that come before technology—and how to create a “user-centric” experience of your organization.

The Five Hacks

  1. Agree that user experience is important
  2. Focus on staff experience
  3. Evaluate your physical environment
  4. Map your constituent journeys
  5. Collect and act on feedback

Our discussion of these five hacks, followed by Q&A:

a) Understand the Relationship Management Continuum (about minute 3:50)
b) Understand terminology (minute 5:00)
c) The Five Hacks (6:24)
d) First hack case study: user experience is important (7:15)
e) Second hack detail: your staff is your front line of users (12:00)
f) Third hack: physical environment (15:00)
g) Fourth hack: map your constituent journeys (17:50)
h) Fifth hack: collect and act on feedback (23:12)
i) Role of technology in all of this (28:00)
j) Q&A with Johan Hammerstrom from Community IT Innovators and webinar participants (31:32)