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Forbidden Phrases All Customer Service Professionals Should Avoid, by Lorman

Forbidden Phrases All Customer Service Professionals Should Avoid is brought to you by Lorman

Improve your customer service communication, prevent mishaps, and build trust quickly with these proven skills.

We all know that customers are vital to businesses, and repeat customers are even more important than are new customers. There are a million pages of research that show that customers value good customer service, even more than the quality of the products and services themselves. So getting it ‘right’ seems more compelling than ever. There are many self-service options that provide customers with perfectly ‘good’ service without ever talking to a person and – if you’re like me – you probably don’t want to. So, given all these great self-service options, when DO you want to talk to a real live person? To an increasing extent, companies talk to people when there’s something unusual. There’s a problem, there’s an exception, there’s a complication, there’s something that doesn’t make it easy to use the self-service options. In these high-risk situations WHAT you say and HOW YOU SAY it is critical.

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