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Fringe Benefits, by Wolters Kluwer

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Fringe Benefits is an overview of the vast array of employee benefit options and their tax implications from both an employee and employer perspective. It also covers employer responsibilities with respect to employee benefits.

Publication Date: July 2021

Topics Covered

  • Part I: Health Coverage
  • Part II: Dependent care assistance and retirement plans
  • Part III: Other Fringe Benefits
  • Part IV: Employer Responsibilities

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize health coverage options that employers may offer
  • Identify tax-free fringe benefits
  • Identify employer responsibilities with respect to fringe benefits
  • Recognize who may receive company-paid health coverage tax free
  • Identify what is permissible for a company that has dependent care FSA for 2021
  • Recognize which de minimis fringe benefit is taxable
  • Identify what the employer may deduct
  • Recognize what the maximum salary deferral contribution is
  • Differentiate methods of valuing personal use of a company vehicle is limited to hourly workers

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