Practical Fundraising Education

Practical Fundraising Education

Fun Scenarios for Practical Fundraising Education for Boards, Staff and Volunteers

by Nonprofit.Courses President and Founder, Matt Hugg

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They’re on your board. They’re your volunteers. They’re your donors.

The Philanders. Do you know them? Stingy and generous. Deceitful and honest. Confused and enlightened. You’ve met them as donors. You’ve worked with them as volunteers. They’re your best, and worst board members…. And you can learn a lot from them, and all their friends.

This book teaches fundraising. Rather than posing dry questions answered by charts and theories, the Philanders lets you take (not so) real (but outrageous and amusing) examples and dig into how life meets fundraising. You get information about the situation. You ask questions. You make suppositions. You fill in missing facts. You discern motivations… just like anyone does when they’re soliciting a charitable gift.

The Philanders is practical fundraising education, for you.

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Estimated Time: Book in Paperback or Kindle

Difficulty: All Courses

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