Increase your Church Fundraising

Fundraising for Churches: Increase your Church Fundraising Today

This FREE webinar is brought to you courtesy of CharityNetUSA.

1 lesson / 50 minutes

Have you ever dreamed of spreading your mission & helping others? You’re not alone! Many people find themselves interested in sharing their faith but are unsure where to begin and how to sustain funding.
Sharing in your church’s mission can be fulfilling and rewarding but requires a great deal of preparation. There are many important decisions to make and many rules and procedures that must be addressed to build a solid foundation for growth.

Topics of Interest:
-Inspiring Generosity
-Fundraising Fundamentals
-Developing a Fundraising Plan
-Fun & Easy Fundraising Ideas

Learn how to ensure your church organization’s growth through fun and effective fundraising.

We invite you to spend some invaluable time with CharityNetUSA and get familiar with the ABC’s of fundraising that will help you plan, prepare, and manage your church’s organization.

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