Fundraising in a Crisis 2020 The Full Two Video Set Course Cover

Fundraising in a Crisis

In Fundraising in a Crisis 2020, fundraising performance expert Ellen Bristol shows you how to analyze and update your current fundraising strategy. You will learn how to strengthen your goals and metrics to survive the current crisis and create the foundation of a sustainable fundraising future.

Fundraising in a Crisis, Part 1: The Ideal Donor Profile

The Covid-19 global pandemic puts considerable strain on your fundraising efforts. But it also provides a good reason to rethink your strategy. Start by clarifying the profile of investors who are “right” for your nonprofit. It’s not enough to know if they have sufficient wealth, or even if they have a track record of giving. If you lack a robust profile, there’s a good chance you and your fundraising team are wasting scarce and precious time trying to win over funding prospects who lack the interest, capacity or both.

Fundraising in a Crisis, Part 2: Stronger Goals and Metrics

Covid-19 is not the only crisis your nonprofit will ever face. Crises are a fact of life, sometimes global and major, and sometimes temporary and minor. Update and upgrade your fundraising strategy by adding more robust goals, objectives and methods for measuring progress. Master the art of the Key Performance Indicator. Compare progress against plan regularly for continuously improved results.

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Fundraising in a Crisis Two Video Set