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Fundraising on the Web: it’s more than just a birthday wish

This PREMIUM Course brought to you by Nonprofit Academy

Fundraising online is all the rage.

While online fundraising isn’t replacing other forms of fundraising just yet, it is an important part of the donation mix. And the benefits of having effective online giving are many:

  • Increased convenience for donors
  • Ability to receive donations 24/7 from anywhere in the world
  • Reduction in postage and printing costs

People make it sound so easy, so effortless. It’s almost as though you need to just tweet a request, and the money will come rolling in.

But it’s not that easy.

In this 75-minute seminar, you’ll…

  • Learn how to create a successful social media strategy
  • Hear statistics that will convince your board to get fundraising online
  • Discover five solid ways to not be effective in online fundraising
  • Find out why you want people giving on your site, not a site like Facebook
  • See loads of examples of successful fundraising from nonprofits around the world
  • Learn tips from extremely successful outreaches like Twestival and Epic Change’s Tweetsgiving and To Momma With Love
  • Hear about lots of tools for collecting donations
  • Discover tips on web design and goal setting

Whether you’re a nonprofit board member, executive, or fundraising professional, Fundraising on the Web: It’s more than just a “birthday wish” will give you the strategy you need to make the most of your online fundraising!