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Fundraising Toolkit

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Time and Financial Investment: 8 – 12 weeks;  $5,000

Fundraising Toolkit

Your Mission is Our Mission. Our Team is Your Team.


Context:  Persuasive messages and communication tools are the underpinnings of all effective fundraising strategies.  Messages must forge a connection with your audience by speaking to the heart and then the mind.  Materials should be consistent and compelling.  Ultimately, an effective communications strategy requires a unique narrative that builds a strong case for support while setting you apart from other worthy organizations working in your issue area. The Black Fox Philanthropy Fundraising Toolkit will help build your organization’s compelling case for support, effectively transforming how you tell your story to help unlock new sources of revenue.

Objective:  Black Fox will create a suite of engaging, funder-centric materials that will enable you to increase your fundraising success and secure better brand recognition – both of which will bolster organizational capacity in the short and long-term.

Deliverable: Core Messaging and Suite of Materials for Engaging Investors

Our seasoned communications professionals understand the nexus between messaging and fundraising. We work with clients to develop smart, targeted, inspiring messages and other communications assets that will connect with new funders and deepen relationships with existing ones.

Black Fox Philanthropy begins by performing an analysis of your peer organizations’ marketing approaches and messaging.  This will ensure your organization captures best practices in the sector while enabling us to differentiate your new narrative from others, resulting in optimal positioning to secure funding.

Our team of communications specialists will then lead you through a proven message development process that concludes with us delivering fresh, compelling and persuasive language to serve as the basis for all your communications going forward, including written materials, web content and social media.

Lastly, Black Fox Philanthropy will deliver a suite of communications materials based on your new core messaging and narrative. Our primary objective is to ensure that your organization’s narrative builds upon your existing track record while capturing messaging for a new era of possibility and impact. The communications pieces will be designed to clearly and effectively convey to prospective funders your value proposition, vision for greater impact, and how a funder’s investment in your organization will have a profound effect in your target localities. We ensure that materials can be adapted and personally customized to take advantage of future fundraising opportunities and that your new messaging is presented uniformly and effectively across all public-facing marketing materials, collateral pieces, and communications.

Also included in the Toolkit are fundraising and capacity building training materials designed for non-profit leaders seeking to strengthen the skills of their development team:

  • Crafting Your Why: It is vital to develop a narrative around why your work is uniquely yours to do. This exercise will better equip you to build rapport with funders, instill conviction in them that you are dedicated to the issue alongside them and inspire them to become an ally.
  • Leading the Donor Dance: This choreography helps you connect with current and future funders by teaching you to unlock your funder’s emotional link to your mission, build your credibility, gain the insights needed to make an informed financial ask, and develop lasting relationships that make the necessary work of fundraising more fulfilling for all, including the funder.
  • Strengthening Funder Relationships: This roadmap focuses upon deepening the emotional and financial engagement with your organization from current funding partners, while uncovering what would inspire greater giving, including planned giving.
  • Building A Fundraising Board: It is vitally important to have a fundraising board if an organization is to achieve its full impact.Too often, however, executive directors and staff are expected to be the sole fundraisers.  A core document and suite of materials, including steps for engaging their networks, spells out how to cultivate board leadership with clear expectations and objectives around their role in achieving sustained success when it comes to raising funds.

Key components of this deliverable include:

  • Compelling core messagingthat is woven into all funder-facing communications.
  • Custom pitch materialsthat align with your branding and present a compelling opportunity for investment, including a one-pager and language for a pitch deck
  • Suite of engagement letters and emails
  • Call script for donor engagement
  • A host of Black Fox training materials to increase fundraising capacity and skills development

Note:  Painless Prospecting and the Fundraising Toolkit are designed for high impact/ROI for funder Capacity Building Grants (CBGs); ask a trusted partner about a CBG for these services.