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Get More Online Donations: 3 Reasons Your Main Donation Page Should Be Like Chinese Takeout

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Most fundraisers assume that someone visiting their main donation page has already decided to give. And, to an extent, they’re right! Few visitors accidentally land on your main donation page – they often have to click through at least one other page to find it.

So why do our main donation pages suffer from such low conversion rates? How is it that well-intending people arrive, then leave without donating?

Is it something we are saying? Or something we are not saying?

A deep analysis of 300+ statistically significant online donation page experiments revealed that our main donation pages are lacking something significant, much of (but not all of) which can be addressed from elements found in something just as surprising: the Chinese takeout experience.

In this webinar, Jon Powell, Sr. Director, Research and Education at NextAfter, will show you three research-driven reasons:

– Why your main online donation page should take after the Chinese takeout experience; and
– How to make these adjustments (and more!) on your main donation page so you can maximize the greatest possible generosity from those considering giving to your organization.