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Nonprofit Startup Essentials 4 videos on Getting Funds

Getting funds for nonprofit success.

  • Are you looking to turn a tragedy into something meaningful?
  • Do you have a heart to change the lives of people?
  • Do you want to share your passion with everyone?

Then maybe you thought… or someone suggested…  that you start a nonprofit!

Great idea? 

  • If you start out right, you might just, literally, save the world. 
  • If you start out wrong, you could be in for years of headaches and grief – or worse! 

Join Aashi Mital and Matt Hugg in four insightful sessions to get you started right!

Session 3: No money, no mission: getting the funds for nonprofit success.

No money, no mission. It’s more than a saying, it’s a way of life. 

Can you name a nonprofit founder who started by saying “I love to raise money”? Nope. You’re not alone.

So what are your options? Grants? Events? Daddy Deeppockets? Your Uncle Sam? 

In this eye-opening session, bust some myths and give you some solid, actionable ideas on how to get the funding so your dream, and maybe even love doing it!

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