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I want to challenge you to change the way you talk about your organization – especially when talking to your donors.

Here’s why.

I’ve noticed that many nonprofit Executive Directors and Development Directors tend to get very ego-centric when they talk about their organization – it’s all about them.

Any of this sound familiar?

We’ve done this …
Our programs do that… We…We…We…Us…Us…Us

And you know what? As a donor that gets old real fast.

Think about your donor and put yourself in their shoes. What does your donor want to know? What do they want to hear? How do they want to feel about their donation to your organization?

Donors wants to know what difference you’re made in the community. They want to know that lives are being changed and how your work is having an impact. They want to be inspired.

So instead of saying, “We have done this…”, say, “you’ve helped us do this…”

See the difference?

Start being more donor-focused and less ego-centric in how you talk about your organization and notice the huge difference it makes in your fundraising efforts.

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