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Handling Employees’ Emotional Reactions During Termination or Layoffs, by Lorman

Handling Employees’ Emotional Reactions During Termination or Layoffs is brought to you by Lorman

Plan for the broad range of emotional reactions you might experience during a termination meeting.

At some point in the career of a human resources professional, business owner, or functional manager, they will have to handle unpleasant employee departures, such as terminations or layoffs. Whether it is the last straw for the poor performer or the furloughing of a chunk of your workforce due to the global pandemic, managers are the ones who have to address the issues. Business professionals need to handle these challenging conversations with professionalism, grace, and flawless communication skills to minimize the emotional impact on the employees involved. While these sensitive meetings are never fun, with the proper planning, you can limit the trauma for your employees and respectfully handle the situation. This course will review case studies of what not to do, how to plan ahead to handle the inevitable emotional reaction of your employee, and how to position these messages most productively.

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