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How 2020 Has Reshaped the Nonprofit Executive, by 501cServices

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2020 has been a year where plans and expectations went up in smoke. Today nonprofit executives are taking it one day at a time while trying to patch together anything that may help them maintain their staff, funding, and missions. Join us as our panel of nonprofit executives from across the sector and from around the country discuss their experiences, what they have learned thus far, and how they are looking forward for the rest of 2020. Some questions that will be addressed include:

– What silver linings have you discovered in the current pandemic—any ways you have better connected with your consumers or better ways of operating as an organization?
– Will traditional workplaces become obsolete? Will remote working replace traditional workplaces?
– In what ways have you been utterly wrong about how a pandemic would affect your organization?
– What is your organization doing to build resilience so you can capably respond and bounce back from the impacts of a future disruption to ‘normal’?
– What kinds of interactions should executive teams have with their boards concerning reopening and the new normal?
– What kind of interaction should executive teams have with their funders concerning reopening and the new normal?
– What behaviors will you change within your finance team to provide insight into producing nimble “what if” scenarios for better crisis preparedness?

Moderator: Irv Katz, Senior Fellow, Generations United

Panel: John Miller, Senior VP, Affiliate Relations, Boys & Girls Clubs of America; Nancy Owens, CFO, YMCA of the USA ; Dr. Ilene Wilkins, CEO, UCP of Central Florida; and Susan Tomlinson Schmidt, President, Nonprofit Leadership Alliance

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