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How Can Black Women & White Women Work Together Towards Our Collective Liberation w/ Janice & Karen

Dr. Janice Gassam, Ph.D. she/her and Karen Fleshman, Esq. she/her and people across the country engage in an interactive conversation about how to heal the divide between Black women and White women so we can work together towards our collective liberation an develop cross-racial allyship and solidarity.

Janice Gassam, Ph.D (She/Her) is the founder of BWG Business Solutions, a consultancy designed to help companies create more equitable and inclusive spaces. She is also a business professor, a writer and a speaker.

Karen Fleshman, Esq. (She/Her) is the founder of Racy Conversations, with the mission of inspiring the antiracist generation. She is the author of White Women We Need to Talk: Doing Our Part to End Racism, to be published by Sounds True in 2021.

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