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How many years should a strategic plan cover? That’s a hot topic these days as organizations are trying to think strategically and move ahead. Unfortunately there’s not one right answer for every organization or business. Twenty to Thirty years ago businesses were encouraged to look twenty, thirty or forty years ahead as they completed that planning process. This makes sense for city governments, county governments and large businesses. What do you do when a you’re a small nonprofit or a growing nonprofit? The short answer is this: you are encouraged to look ahead as far as you feel comfortable doing. So maybe you’re running an after school program are you’re working with youth and you think, “hey in 20 years we’d love to have our own gymnasium. That’s great because the next three to five years might be guided by that long range vision. You may say “oh, we don’t want to do this because in a few years we might not be prepared for this new gymnasium in this space”, so again, currently the best practices or what’s going on in the nonprofit world is three to five year range planning. We look ahead ten to fifteen years but our actual plan is for a three to five year plan. Which ever you are most comfortable planning for we want to make sure that the plan is in a period that’s stable so you know what we expect. These trends stay pretty stable over the next three or four or five years therefore we feel comfortable planning next steps based on this timeline.

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