How multichannel cultivation impacts year end giving | Experiment 6404 – with Tim Kachuriak, by NextAfter

How multichannel cultivation impacts year end giving | Experiment 6404 – with Tim Kachuriak is a FREE course courtesy of NextAfter

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Multichannel communication is a known “best practice”, but traditionally refers to the tactic of trying to develop online cultivation with offline donors to increase offline giving. Hillsdale College wondered if the strategy could be reversed—using direct mail to develop offline cultivation with online donors to increase online giving. There were some obvious risks to such a test—particularly the upfront cost of direct mail cultivation.

Leading into the calendar year end campaign, Hillsdale had discovered a technology that would allow them to send personalized post cards to their donors at a reasonably efficient price point. The cards included the donor’s name on the front and a link to a custom video; all of which would be trackable back to the individual donor. The landing page for the video had a donation form with a “soft ask”, but the true test was to see whether direct mail cultivation would increase giving for a digital campaign.

We decided to test out the impact of this kind of technology by sending a postcard to a random segment of active donors for the sole purpose of cultivation and stewardship. We sent this just before Thanksgiving and then monitored their giving throughout the calendar year-end campaign. We would then compare their giving to a similar group of donors to get an understanding of the impact.

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