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How Should You Share Your Strategic Plan with Stakeholders?, by Funding for Good

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How Should You Share Your Strategic Plan with Stakeholders? There are many ways that you can share your strategic plan. Your strategic plan might be a typed document. Before you can share your strategic plan, you have to identify your stakeholders. Then you can determine the medium in which you want to share your strategic plan with stakeholders. Here’s an example of how school system drew me, a stakeholder as a parent, into their strategic plan: I wasn’t really into my children’s after school program when they got to the school three years ago. They had listed 5 gold stars as goals. Here are the top five goals or achievements that we believe will impact your child’s education and childcare experience. It was a great way for the school system to get parents, or stakeholders, attention. At the very bottom of the information was a note asking parents to ask or reach out if they wanted more information on how they could help. By using bullet points and focusing on the most important information, I was able to digest they key points. This is a great example to show you how to share a strategic plan with stakeholders and how they will best need and use the information.

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