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How to Create a Fundraising Offer: Your Secret Hidden Weapon

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What’s an offer, you ask?

Think of it this way: it’s a very short story about what your donor’s gift will do.

Having a good offer is one of the secret keys to growing your fundraising. A strong offer is the tested, proven way to get your current donors (and your not-yet-donors!) to give. The good news is there’s an easy art to creating an offer for your organization. And in this session, fundraising expert Steven Screen teaches it to you! In a nutshell, the best way to raise more money is to ask donors to fund one specific part of what your organization does. But what most organizations do is ask donors to fund ALL their organization. Instead, you should focus your fundraising on specific parts of what you do and you can still raise undesignated funds!

Here’s what you’ll learn from Steven:

-Why talking about one specific part of what your organization does is more powerful than talking about everything you do

-How to find the part or program of your organization you should focus on

-The 4 parts of a compelling offer

How to present your offer to donors

-How to talk about your offer to people on staff who may not be comfortable with it

Steven routinely helps organizations turn around and jumpstart their fundraising. He does it by helping them create offers that donors love – and he’d love to teach you how to do it!