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How to Deal With an Argumentative Employee, by Lorman

How to Deal With an Argumentative Employee is brought to you by Lorman

Understand the causes of argumentative and disruptive employees and gain the skill needed to stop arguments immediately.

Argumentative and disruptive employees have always been a leadership challenge. With the rise in political and social polarization, argumentative behavior has increased dramatically. Unfortunately, the old command, control, and obey management strategies no longer work. Worse, the Great Resignation requires leaders to find ways to manage argumentative employees without bullying and commanding. This presentation will help leaders and managers understand the causes of argumentative and disruptive employees. You will receive a crash course in the neuroscience of emotions and be introduced to a new, counter-intuitive skill for stopping arguments immediately. This material will also explain the critical importance of listening to emotions instead of words. You will learn why emotional problems cannot be solved with logic and reasons.

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