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How to Eliminate Delays Obtaining IRA Death Proceeds, by Stelter Company

How to Eliminate Delays Obtaining IRA Death Proceeds is FREE courtesy of Stelter Company

1 Lesson / 59 Minutes / FREE

Has your nonprofit bumped into roadblocks while attempting to receive IRA death proceeds from a donor? Have IRA administrators delayed the death claim process by requesting more and more forms, requiring your organization to set up a second account just to get the proceeds, or asking for personal information about your officers or board members while telling you (erroneously) the Patriot Act requires you to provide it?

What was once a simple process has turned into a laborious procedure. The good news is that, led by the efforts of our presenter and a few others, progress is being made toward simplifying the process.

In this one-hour webinar, Johni Hays, J.D., FCEP, Senior Vice President, Thompson & Associates, teaches you how your nonprofit can get its IRA death proceeds faster and with less hassle.

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