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How to Engage and Communicate With Gen Z, by Lorman

How to Engage and Communicate With Gen Z is brought to you by Lorman

Engagement with generation Z can be challenging, but with the right techniques it can be easier and worthwhile.

This information was designed to kick off the discussion of the next generation of American worker who is just beginning to take its first steps into the workplace. The birth of this generation kicked off in 1997 and wrapped up in 2017. The first born of this generation are twenty-two years old and just walked the assembly halls of our universities in caps and gowns. This content will professionally introduce the you to one of the most interesting and diverse generations in American history. They were sculpted by the Great Recession and the 9/11 terrorism. Just as they were being defined by these things, a political change brought a booming economy and an end to the threat of ISIS. These changes will probably lighten the pessimism we expected this generation to bring to the meeting rooms. The information will assist the bosses who attempt to inspire and discipline these self-sufficient free spirits. Never before have companies needed to thoughtfully prepare for a new generation of worker. Twenty-five percent are immigrants, or children of immigrants, and many learned English as a second language. Technology, which had to be learned by the generations that preceded them, will be a simple extension of who they are. You will understand why the newest generation can seem like the first workers who are part human and part artificial intelligence. Conversely, we will study how this generation will bring back the essence of the human soul, including loyalty, customer service, and the empathetic co-worker. The material in this topic will dig deep into both sides of the newest workers and give you the edge in recruiting the finest of them while your competitors are scratching their heads.

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