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How to Successfully Interview, Hire and Retain Your Next CSRs, by Lorman

How to Successfully Interview, Hire and Retain Your Next CSRs is brought to you by Lorman

Learn the questions you need to ask and the answers you need to hear when hiring your next successful CSR.

Many customer service managers and representatives, account managers, credit and billing managers, technical and support managers and operations managers find their front line CSRs coming and going much like a revolving door. It can be difficult to hire and keep CSRs as this is often an entry-level job. Yet, CSRs are crucial to the business. They are usually the first and last impression in every customer interaction. Managers often lack the experience or knowledge on how to successfully hire and retain excellent CSRs. This topic helps them interview with more confidence and success. It gives them information regarding how to describe and attract the ideal CSR for their company. It will enable them to identify the traits and personalities that will work best in dealing with all kinds of customers. It will help them define the questions to ask and the best answers to expect. Examples of questions, job descriptions and different methods of interviewing will help managers recognize which candidates have the most potential for their customer service positions, plus pointers on how to keep them after they are hired will be given. This topic is important to help you cut down on your frustration; time and money spent hiring new CSRs.

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