How to Thrive in a Pandemic Economy in 2021 ft. Margit Brazda Poirier | Instrumentl Grants Workshop, by Instrumentl

How to Thrive in a Pandemic Economy in 2021 ft. Margit Brazda Poirier | Instrumentl Grants Workshop is FREE courtesy of Instrumentl

1 Lesson / 65 Minutes / FREE

Are you wondering how to win grants effectively NOW and post-COVID?

In this Instrumentl Partner Webinar, we learn from Grant Professionals Association Approved Trainer, Margit Brazda Poirier, on how to thrive in a pandemic economy. We cover the three C’s to thriving in a pandemic economy, how to find the best grants, and how to prepare essential documents for grant applications.

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By the end of this Instrumentl Partner Webinar, you’ll be able to:
– ​Better understand what the grant funding landscape looks like during this pandemic
– ​Recognize the leading indicators that drive foundation giving
– ​Start using the 3 C’s to thrive in 2021
– ​Understand how Instrumentl’s free COVID-19 grant list and platform can save you time and money in identifying the right opportunities for your programs

// Timestamps //
0:00​ – Introduction
3:17​ – Grant workshop outcomes
8:25​ – What will grants pay for?
10:09​ – Foundation Assets: The 5% Rule
12:21​ – How to Use Instrumentl with the 5%
13:40​ – The 3 C’s to Thriving in 2021
26:07​ – How to Use Instrumentl for C #2
35:30​ – Your 6 Essential Documents
41:35​ – How Margit Uses Instrumentl
43:18​ – 3 Learning Takeaways
45:03​ – All About Grant Writing Info
48:40​ – Raffle Details!
50:10​ – Q & A

Margit Brazda Poirier founded Grants4Good LLC in 2009 and has since helped thousands of nonprofits achieve their grant seeking goals. She has over 25 years of nonprofit management and grants experience, a GPC, and is a GPA Approved Trainer, having written and received over $30 million in federal, state, foundation and corporate grants. Instrumentl Partner Webinars are collaborations between

Instrumentl and its community partners to provide free educational workshops for grant professionals. Our goal is to tackle a problem grant professionals often have to solve, while also sharing different ways Instrumentl’s platform can help grant writers win more grants.

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