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How to Turn Small Donors into Monthly Donors to Generate Ongoing Revenue for Your Nonprofit

This PREMIUM course brought to you by Nonprofit Academy

This webinar will demonstrate how small donors can truly become giants and provide sustainable income for many years to come by converting them to monthly donors.

You’ll learn the steps involved in starting a monthly donor program, to fully take advantage of the tremendous opportunities a monthly donor program can offer your organization. You’ll receive the tools to get started virtually overnight!


-First questions to answer before you launch your program

-How to organize the back end of your monthly giving program

-The best way to ask for monthly gifts

-Who your prime prospects are for becoming monthly giving donors

-How to create a direct mail appeal for monthly gifts

-How to retain your monthly donors and keep them giving and giving

-How to prepare your board and leaders to know the long term impact of monthly giving

-How to calculate the estimated revenue from a monthly donor program