The One Thing You Forget to Talk About When Fundraising

Lori L. Jacobwith of Ignited Fundraising joins us to present “The One Thing You Forget to Talk About when Fundraising” Do you, your staff and board members feel uncomfortable talking about money? It’s much easier to talk about your amazing work. But that’s just one component of successful fundraising communication. Letting your supporters know the costs of keeping water clean, mentoring children, changing laws, or helping veterans is equally important. Sharing costs alone can be dry and uninspiring but when your money story is combined with a story about one person – people listen. And often, they give more and stay giving longer. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to reduce “talking about money” discomfort and how to powerfully include your money story in any and all fundraising communication. • Why we shy away from talking about money and what to do about it • What is a money story • How to calculate your money story • How to articulate your money story • How to powerfully combine your money story with a mission moment

Understanding Corporate Philanthropy

With more than $2 billion passing through matching gifts programs every year, corporate philanthropy is a hugely underutilized resource for nonprofits. Understanding the different types of corporate philanthropy and knowing how to take advantage of each kind is crucial if your nonprofit is looking to reach its full fundraising potential. In this webinar, we’ll cover the five types of corporate philanthropy and take a deep dive into volunteer grants and matching gifts, the two most popular corporate giving avenues for nonprofits. We are joined by Double the Donation to lead the discussion and share their expertise in matching gifts and give actionable advice to increase revenue through corporate philanthropy.