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Are you caught in the “hunger, hunt, eat, preen, sleep” cycle when it comes to getting business for your consulting practice? What am I talking about? If you’ve ever watched Jackson Galaxy’s “My Cat from Hell” you’ll know that as an animal behaviorist, he’s observed this cycle in the cats he’s worked with. Cat are hungry, they hunt (or pester, in the case of my cat), eat, preen, then go back to sleep… only to wake up hungry again.

Is this your cycle in getting clients? You’re hungry for work. You hunt through networking, phone calls, postcards or whatever. You finally eat: you get a job and do it. You preen: look at my great work! You sleep (maybe you reward yourself with a bit of off time?) Uh oh… hungry again… those bills pile up.

Hungry for some video on this? See it here.

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