Important LinkedIn Group Announcement

Hi. Thanks for clicking through.

I’m here to announce some changes which I hope you’ll find helpful.

The Nonprofit Consultant Zone LinkedIn Group will change its name to Nonprofit.Courses

It’s probably easiest simply to give you some bullet points:

(and yes, this is a long message, but please read on.)

  • This is because the nature of my work has changed substantially. While I’m still interested in helping people who are consulting for nonprofits, I’ve chosen to do it in a much more specific way.
    • I would love to have you stay with the group. However, if you chose not to, no problem.
    • In the updated group, I plan to post “New Course Alerts” and other material that will help nonprofit staff, volunteers and consultants do their work better.
    • Nonprofit.Courses is, the website dedicated to providing educational and training material for everybody in the nonprofit community. (and by the way, “.courses” is just like “.com” or “.org”)

For you, the nonprofit consultant, Nonprofit.Courses is more than a place to get information about nonprofit practices, including how to be the best consultant for your clients (when you go to the site, check out the “Consulting” category).

    • Nonprofit.Courses is where you can display your best self to clients and potential clients. That’s because you, as a consultant to nonprofits, are welcome to post your latest webinars, and other training material, whether free or paid, on the site. In short, Nonprofit.Courses is a content marketing platform for your great work.
  • Right now there are more than 270 courses on Nonprofit.Courses, and soon to break the 300 barrier. There’s really no limit to the number of courses on the site. However, there are some rules.
    • The content standards are pretty simple.
    • Video or audio content is preferred.
    • All content needs to nonprofit focused.
    • Any course, which may be from three minutes to whatever length you would like, must be educational in nature. No infomercials, and no “how to use my product” content.
    • Use may use your own branding in any course.
    • If the content is free to the public, then it is free to have on Nonprofit.Courses.
    • If you have a paid course, especially if it’s on a platform like, then we set up an affiliate arrangement.
    • Nonprofit.Courses points to your content hosted on your website or YouTube or Vimeo channel,  rather than hosting it directly on Nonprofit.Courses. If you have content on your website, you are welcome to set up name collecting gateways to track who is engaging with your work.
    • While content directed to religious or political nonprofits is welcome, no advocacy for specific political or religious views is permitted.
  • What kind of content is welcome?
    • Most of the content on Nonprofit.Courses is linked to videos, like webinars.
    • If you have a podcast that is nonprofit focused, I’m happy to connect to that as well. In some instances,
    • I will also connect to e-books, but usually for people who have provided either audio or video content.
    • If you’ve written a book that is on Amazon, I am happy to connect to that through the site’s bookstore, if you are a content provider in another area (like video or podcast).

And thank you so much for your support!

…Matt Hugg