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Inspiring Advice Working for Nonprofit Organizations

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Is working at a nonprofit organization (nonprofit or non-profit) for you? ?Margot Gould, Head of U.S. Fundraising at the Climate Group answers 20 questions about her job:

00:35 Describe your job duties

01:21 Describe your typical working day

02:15 What do you love the most about working at a nonprofit?

02:37 Describe an inspiring story happened at your work

03:33 What’s the hardest aspect of your job?

03:57 Tell a secret about working for a nonprofit organization that many outsiders will find surprising

04:47 What kind of education should one pursue to prepare for your job? What classes to focus on?

05:38 What qualities are important to succeed in your job?

06:25 How did you get your first job? What questions you were asked at the interview?

06:51 Describe the advancement potential and typical path in your field

07:46 How common and how difficult is it to switch from another type of job to your job?

08:38 What are different types of jobs within nonprofits?

09:23 What developments on the horizon can affect future opportunities in the nonprofits?

10:18 Who are you grateful the most in your career and what for?

11:15 When did you first realize that you like this profession? How did it happen? What was the reaction of your parents and friends to your career choice?

12:27 What is that you wish you knew about your profession before you started?

13:02 What is the best advice you’ve ever received?

13:13 What world problem you wish you could solve?



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