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Integrating Charitable and Family Legacies by Stelter Company

Integrating Charitable and Family Legacies is FREE courtesy of Stelter Company

1 Lesson / 61 Minutes / FREE

Are you aware of the many ways philanthropic-minded individuals can balance providing for family and giving to their favorite causes? In this one-hour webinar, Lorraine del Prado, Principal, del Prado Philanthropy, and Vice President, Thompson & Associates, will discuss the tangible and intangible benefits of altruism in families and the place of charitable giving in the context of values-based planning. Lorraine will share simple and proven ways to present the integration of charitable and family legacies through charitable bequests. Then, using case studies inspired by real-life donor stories, she will present the powerful use of multiple charitable strategies to address the unique needs of various family situations where tax savings were not necessarily the only driving concern.

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