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IRS Examinations of High-Wealth Individuals and Entities, by Lorman

IRS Examinations of High-Wealth Individuals and Entities is brought to you by Lorman

Learn practice tips for representing clients that have been selected for examination.

The IRS has made high net worth individuals living across the globe a primary area of focus for tax enforcement. Who are these individuals? Why is the IRS targeting them? What resources are being brought to bear by the government in these cases, and how does one minimize the potential harm if the IRS has you in its sights? This course will help U.S. tax practitioners advise their global high net worth clients on how to stay off of the IRS’s radar screen, as well as provide practice tips for representing such a client that has been selected for examination. Additionally, this course will cover what to do when a client has negligently or intentionally failed to meet their tax reporting obligations, but the IRS is not yet aware of the non-compliance.

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