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Looking Forward Podcast with Jeff Ostroff

Jeff OstJeff Ostroff headshotroff's multi-faceted career as a marketing and communications professional has enabled him to work with and for many organizations: small to large, fledgling to established, public to private sector.  In that capacity, he has used his skills and experience to promote businesses, ventures, products, services, and major initiatives.

As an entrepreneur, Jeff has started three businesses, two of which have capitalized on marketplace trends: Scenic Cycling (which tapped into both the growing singles market and fitness movement) and Ostroff Associates, which specialized in helping organizations identify and profit from trends and opportunities created by the gigantic over-50 population, including baby boomers. He also launched Over-40 Marketing, a division within a market research firm, focused on the 50+ customer group.

Over the past few years, Jeff has added new skills and services to his portfolio, including podcasting, professional interviewing, voice-over work, and his presentations on how to be more lucky in your life. His own podcast, Looking Forward, continues Jeff's interest in and passion for trends and opportunities to be found in the marketplace.  This was one of the things he covered in his book,
"Successful Marketing to the 50+ Consumer" (Prentice-Hall).

During his career, Jeff has been interviewed, quoted, or cited by more than 50 magazines, newspapers, and radio/TV stations including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Newsweek, CBS, USA Today, Business Week, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Inc., Ad Age, Adweek and Modern Healthcare. He has also delivered professional (fee-paid) presentations to more than 60 business and professional
groups within and outside the United States

Jeff's degree is in Radio-TV-Film from Temple University. Throughout his career, he has worked in the communications and marketing fields, handling anything from speaking engagements, to market research projects, to disc jockeying, to newscasts, to training programs and teaching, to podcasting.                    

Jeff's other interests including taking and teaching classes, volunteering, studying the philosophy of Stoicism, traveling, playing bridge, walking and hiking trails, most kinds of music, watching movies, attending plays/shows/concerts, continual self-improvement, investing, and meditation. He lives in the "Mushroom Capital of the United States," Kennett Square, PA, which is just south of Philadelphia and west of Wilmington, DE. He is the proud father of beautiful, intelligent, and successful twin daughters!!


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