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Jim Langley’s 4-Step Process for “Reimagining Fundraising Operations”, by MarketSmart

Jim Langley’s 4-Step Process for “Reimagining Fundraising Operations” is FREE courtesy of MarketSmart

Join Jim Langley, renowned expert on how institutions can adapt best to today’s changing and unchanging philanthropic realities, for an engaging webinar that will challenge you to think about how to reengineer your fundraising operations so it’s ready for the next major economic downturn.

Ask yourself these questions: 

  • Are you really going to create yet another case for support?
  • Do you really think they work?
  • Isn’t it time you engaged in a process that has been quietly powering major institutions for decades?

Instead, invest in reengineering your value proposition.

Learn Jim Langley’s  4-Step Process for reimagining fundraising operations so supporters give exponentially more — even In poor economic climates.

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