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Leading from Within: Foundational 5-Part Series

January 20 @ 12:00 PM - February 17 @ 1:00 PM EST


Most of us have never experienced in our lives the kind of soul crushing and doubt inspiring times that have confronted us over the last two years. 


When the pandemic started, no one could have dreamt that two years into it we would be still be facing the kind of upheaval that makes managing our own daily lives difficult – much less as leaders helping others in our organization navigate the continuing uncertainty. There are the tools that allow us to be clearheaded in the face of chaos, to remain calm and respond appropriately to difficult situations, to model focus and attentiveness amidst increasing distractions. 


This program is designed to remove barriers that inhibit people from embracing mindfulness and meditation practices and to reveal how these practices enhance personal well-being and professional performance. By the end of this series, employees will have the knowledge and tools to build a lasting practice. 


This program is delivered remotely via zoom in five one-hour sessions that focus on: 


(1) demystifying meditation

(2) building awareness

(3) making connections

(4) maintaining perspective

(5) achieving potential.  


We review history, terminology, techniques, and scientific evidence to support these practices.  Each session introduces different meditation techniques that build from basic breath focus to loving kindness and gratitude meditations to mantra meditation to guided intention meditations.   We include scientifically validated connections between meditation practice techniques and the personal and professional benefits of meditation and mindfulness practice.    


We invite you to join us starting January 20 for a very timely learning journey that can make a huge difference in both your work and personal lives. 


Use the link below to register and use the promo code Clayton to receive a 20% discount. 


On Your Computer, Phone or Tablet


Meditation for Leadership
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