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Losing your balance as a nonprofit consultant?, by Nonprofit Consultant Zone

Balance is so hard to keep, these days. It seems like the purpose of the world is to keep us off balance. And we know if we don’t keep our balance, things suffer, like your business.

If you’re a consultant, you have a balance issue that if you don’t get right, can really bring you down. It’s the balance between getting your business, doing your business, and maintaining your business.

When you’re sitting alone in your office waiting for the phone to right, getting business is a huge priority. What’s the saying? “Nothing happens until there’s a sale,” right? There’s certainly no income. So it’s important to sell.

Once you made the sale, you do whatever you promised. For a lot of us, that’s the fun part. It’s easy to get absorbed into it. But remember, while you’re working, you’re not selling. So when your current job is done, you’re back to sitting. That’s not great for when you have bills that don’t wait.

Oh, and speaking of bills, there’s all of that work you need to do to pay yours, get others to pay theirs and make sure you have the supplies so you can do your work. And once a year, the tax folks want to know that you did it all right. That all takes time, too.

Yeah, it’s a balancing act. Don’t lose yours!

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