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Midlevel Donors: Epic Insights on the Most Neglected, Misunderstood & Lucrative Donors

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Does your organization have a donor middle class? How hard does a donor have to try to be noticed before the wealth screening suggests a prospect management assignment in your organization? Can you really afford to walk away from a four-figure or low five-figure gift? In our focus to raise the largest gifts and in our mastery of the annual fund, we’ve ignored the capacity and interest to give in-between. Mid-level donors represent 1% of the donor population but give more than 1/3 of the dollars. Mid-level giving isn’t just an income source today; it’s a cultivation strategy for the major donors of tomorrow. But mid-level donors, like middle children, are prone to neglect. Why do so many organizations lack a mid-level giving strategy? Who are mid-level donors? How should we communicate with them? What is the appropriate discipline and investment necessary to maximize the middle and make the most of this immense opportunity?

· The myth of mid-level donors
· The organizational barriers that inhibit the development of relationships across all levels of the donor pyramid
· Winning strategies to identify, upgrade, and build mid-level loyalty