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MindEdge Learning one of the leading quality online education providers. Now you can find more than 40 certificates and over 250 courses in a wide variety of topics, all chosen to give your nonprofit the information you need to serve your mission the best.


MindEdge Learning is a learning house with four different doors. Inside these doors, the rooms of our house are all constructed with the same high-quality materials, expertly designed, and learner-approved. MindEdge Learning’s for-credit courses and student success products serve institutions of higher education.

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All MindEdge courses, bundles and certificates on Nonprofit.Courses are affiliate courses. That means when you buy any of them, Nonprofit.Courses earns a commission, at no extra cost to you. It’s a win/win. You get some great content, and we keep the lights on!

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Nonprofit Management (ACE CREDIT®)
Nonprofit Management Certificate

Plus there's more than 25 other Certificates to Help Deliver your Mission Right

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